Friday, May 7, 2021

Graduation Clearance

 With just 22 school days remaining until graduation, it's time to start getting those ducks in a row. Graduation clearance is a checklist of all the things that Advisors, Patti, and I need to verify to allow you to graduate!

You advisor will verify that you've met all of your competencies, completed your Capstone project, finished your math, internship, writing portfolio, learning plans, and exhibition. Patti will make sure you don't owe any fines and that you've returned any district technology. I will verify that all of your state graduation requirements are met: your High School & Beyond Plan, NW Studies, Graduation Pathway (this used to be the SBA ELA and Math tests), and the Senior Survey. There's good news here. The district has waived the Software Tech graduation requirement for the Class of 2021, and if you haven't met your Graduation Pathway, the state has a waiver process for that. I will be reaching out individually about any incomplete items, and it's important that you respond right away.

Remember: Graduation is June 10th! It will be here before we know it!

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Colleges and Universities that are test-optional in 2021-2022

 The number of colleges and universities that are test-optional for 2021-2022 is vast! Here's a list of many of those schools from an organization called Spark Admissions. There are some notable omissions for Washington state students, like Western Washington University, Central Washington University, and Eastern Washington University which are all test-optional. This list also erroneously lists the Evergreen State College as "test-flexible". It is actually test-optional.

This list also contains schools that are 'test-flexible' meaning that above some GPA threshold they are test-optional. Not a great situation for Gibson Ek students, but as always if you find yourself in that position reach out and we'll work through it.

What Colleges and Universities Will Be Test-Optional in 2021-2022?

Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Washington State University makes Test Optional Permanent

 Following the University of Washington, the WSU Board of Regents has voted to make permanent the test optional policy instituted during the pandemic emergency. From the email I received this morning:

"On Friday, March 12 the Washington State University Board of Regents voted to eliminate the SAT and ACT tests in the admissions process. The vote also recommends that SAT or ACT scores no longer be considered for scholarship and tuition waivers.

In response to COVID-19, the Washington Student Achievement Council allowed public universities in the state to waive or make optional the SAT and ACT for students applying in the 2020 and 2021 admission cycles. WSU opted to waive the test score requirement.

The Board of Regents decision makes that permanent for the WSU system.

Beginning with the 2022 admission cycle, students are no longer required to submit an SAT or ACT score per university policy. Instead of using these scores, admissions officers will rely on metrics, including grade point average, that better reflect a potential student’s ability to succeed. This change eliminates the ambiguity that can persist when universities make tests optional. It also alleviates the financial and structural barrier to taking the tests. The admission application for fall 2022 will open in August 2021."

Friday, November 6, 2020

PLU announces Nurse and Educator Dependent Commitment

 Pacific Lutheran University has made an extraordinary commitment to the dependents of nurses and educators who chose to attend PLU by committing to covering at least 50% of the cost of tuition through PLU scholarships and grants. Here it is, direct from PLU:

"Greetings from PLU! I have exciting news to share about our new Nurse & Educator Dependent Commitment, which guarantees that at minimum half of the tuition of dependents of nurses and K-12 educators will be covered by PLU-funded scholarships and grants. 

The fields of nursing and education have been fundamental to PLU throughout our history, and preparing our students to serve their communities as thoughtful, highly-trained, and effective nurses and educators reflects our mission of service, leadership and care. This commitment to incoming first-year students who have a parent or legal guardian working as a nurse or K-12 educator is just one of the ways that we are continuously striving to honor our community and ensure that a PLU education is affordable and accessible. In fact, LendEDU recently ranked PLU the #1 college in Washington for financial aid, and #9 nationally. 

There is no separate application needed for students to be considered for the Nurse & Educator Dependent Commitment, as our free application for admission includes questions about the occupations of parents/guardians. Students do NOT need to major themselves in Education or Nursing to be eligible for this commitment. 

You'll find details about the Nurse & Educator Dependent Commitment here. I encourage you to share this email with your colleagues and the communities in which you work - we're excited to spread the news about this new resource for students."

Monday, October 12, 2020

Conducting a College Search in the Time of COVID-19

Tuesday, October 13, 2020 6:30PM – 7:30PM

 Join KCLS online to gain perspective on the current state of college admissions, including: conducting a college search, researching colleges, preparing to apply. Please register by 5pm on October 12 to get a Zoom link. If you haven't received the Zoom link by 5pm on October 13, please contact Carrie,